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Rate Sheet/ Client Agreement

Effective January, 2011 "all" clients will need to print and sign the handling contract.  Clients who have already signed a contract will need to sign the new revised contract. 

Please Note: 
We are not a boarding kennel or grooming shop. All services & rates refer to dog show handling only.


All-Breed:  $90.00

Specialty: $125.00

Sweeps/Same day:  No Charge, plus (*)

Sweeps/ separate day: $70.00

National: $500.00 (up to 2 dogs from same owner)

All-Breed/ National Best in Show: $500.00

Reserve Best in Show: $250.00

Specialty Best in Show: $250.00

Group First: $125.00

Group Second: $100.00

Group Third: $75.00

Group Fourth: $75.00

Westminster / Eukanuba. Classic: on Request


Daily: $10.00-$15.00

*Two or more dogs boarded on a monthly basis will get $1.00 off base rate per dog.


Weekly: $50.00-$100.00 (depending on dog)


Smooth coat/ Bathe, Trim, Etc.: $10.00

Coated breeds: $25.00 plus.. (depending on Coat and condition) 

Grooming:  $100.00 an hour


Expenses will be split among all of the clients, whether or not the dog travels with us. The minimum split per weekend will be 3 ways.

(*) Handling fees are payable unless dog is sick and unable to show

(*) All prize money will go to the handler

Terms of Service:

All fees are payable on the day of show; or when you pick up your dog. Monthly accounting can be set up. An advance of $500.00 for ring side dogs, or $1000.00 for dogs boarded with me must be made to facilitate this. 1 % will be added to monthly to the unpaid balance after 30 days. Circuits are payable in advance. It is understood that all fees are paid before your dog is released to you.

When your dog finishes its championship, you will be responsible for handling fees for the remaining shows the dog is entered in, unless the handler fills the class with another dog.

In the event of a ringside conflict, the handler, at his/ her discretion, may have someone else handle the dog. The handler will make every effort possible to show every client dog. In the case of this or if you do not want somebody else to cover the dog and the handler does not make it, the client is still responsible for handling fees.

Handler agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injury, illness, or loss of all client dogs. However, in the event of injury, illness, or the loss of dog, the handler or assistants shall not be held personably liable of such injury, illness, or loss.


I, _____________________________________, have read and understand the contents of this handler/client agreement and fully agree to the terms and conditions here in.

X____________________________________________ Date______________


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