Recent Wins

Champions Finished in 2016
Ch Mi Jean's Danika Patrick (ECS)
owned by Mi Jean's
Ch Mi Jean's Royal Surprise (ECS)
owned by James & Laura Smith
Ch Mi Jean's You Know My Daddy (IS)
owned by Lisa Jay
Ch Mi Jean's You Mad Bro? (IS)
owned by Mi Jean's & Sarah Shuman
Ch Mi Jean's Walkin' on Air (IS)
owned by Tim & Lynn Pope
Ch Mi Jean's You Really Got Me (IS)
owned by Andy Middleton & Jennifer Holmberg

Champions Finished in 2015
Ch Mi Jean's Tony Stewart
owned by Mi Jean's
Ch Mi Jean's Working Woman (IS)
owned by Sarah Shuman & MiJean's
Ch Mi Jean's Waiting on a Woman (IS)
owned by Andy Middleton & Jennifer Holmberg
Ch MiJean's Wanna Talk About Me (IS)
owned by MiJean's

Champions Finished in2014
Ch Mi Jean's Royal Payne (ECS) Payne
owned by Tom & Yvette Sons

Ch Mi Jean's Midnight Mimosa (ECS) Meme
owned by Mi Jean's

Champions Finished in 2013

Ch Allegiance Special Edition (IS) Ethan
Ch Mi Jean's Vodka On The Rocks (IS) Stoli
Ch Mi Jean's Vixen, JH (IS) Vixen
Ch Mi Jean's Royal Rebel (ECS) Harry
Ch Winfree Tearin' Up The Town, (ECS) Salsa
Ch Mi Jean's Final Countdown (ECS) Clark
Ch Mi Jean's New Year's Celebration (ECS) Griffin





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